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Frank Romary:
Useful French Words and Phrases

This list of essential French words and phrases is courtesy of Frank Romary. Also see his article, The Truth About The French! - ed.

General expressions

Hello, Good morning	Bonjour (bon zhoor)
Good evening		Bonsoir (bon swar)
Good-bye		Au revoir (oh ruh vwar)
Please			S'il vous plaît (seel voo pleh)
Thank you		Merci (mair see)
You're welcome		De rien (du ree ah)
Yes			Oui (wee)
No			Non (no)
Excuse me		Excusez-moi (excuse ay mwa)
Mr			Monsieur (muh syur)
Mrs.			Madame (ma dam)
Miss			Mademoiselle (mahd mwa zell)
I don't understand	Je ne comprends pas 
                         (zhuhn com pra pa)
I don't speak French	Je ne parle pas français 
                         (zhuhn pahl pa frawn say)
Do you speak English?	Parlez-vous anglais? 
                         (pah lay vooz awnglay?)
Where is, are...?	Où est, sont...?
                         (oo ay, sown...?)
How much is it?		C'est combien? 
                         (say comb bee ah?)
Do you have...?		Avez-vous...? (ah vay voo...?)
on the right		à droit (ah dwah)
on the left		à gauche (ah gohsh)
straight ahead		tout droit (too dwah)


Occupied		Occupé
Change money		Change (shawnzh)
Grocery			l'alimentation 
                         (la lee mahn tah syon)
Butcher shop		la boucherie (boosh ree)
Bakery			la boulangerie (boo lawnzh ree)
Post Office		le bureau de poste, PTT 
                          (byur oh duh post)
Postage stamp		le timbre (tam bruh)
Detour			la déviation (day vee ah syon)
Exit			la sortie (sor tee)
Entrance		l'entrée (lawn tray)
Barber/Beauty salon	le salon de coifure
                          (salon duh kwa fyur)
                        l'institut de beauté
                          (lan stee tyoot bow tay)
Toilet			la toilette, WC 
                          (twa let, vee cee)
Men			Hommes (ohm)
Ladies			Dames (dahm)
Police station		Gendarmerie
North			Nord
South			Sud
East			Est
West			Ouest

The Truth About The French!

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